Main Street Small Animal Hospital

We believe in the importance of your pet's oral health. Overall, 70% of small animals seen in US veterinary hospitals have some degree of gingivitis or periodontal disease. When not addressed, these problems lead to tooth loss and stress on other organ systems.

We offer professional advice on diets, treats, and home care that can prevent the development of dental disease in your pets. When dental disease occurs, we may recommend a dental cleaning or dental extractions.

We maintain a dental suite for performing full oral exams, dental cleanings, polishings, and extractions under general anesthesia. When extractions are necessary, we perform local nerve blocks in addition to our other pain management protocols to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

Our policy on non-anesthetic dental cleanings at the pet store is the same as the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association; this type of cleaning is not endorsed. While non-anesthetic dental cleanings look nice as the crown of the tooth becomes white, they do nothing to address the tooth root loss occurring below the gum-line.

If you have additional questions regarding your pet's oral health or dental procedures, please call to discuss.